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Health & Physical Education - Enhancement & Enrichment

Physical activity has been shown to have substantive affects on brain chemistry and positively impact perception skills, IQ, achievement, verbal and math scores, development, and academic readiness. The St. Lawrence Academy offers a comprehensive Physical Education Program, with classes scheduled every day. It includes the study of age-appropriate team sports throughout the year, learning and practicing a new sport each month. Health classes, built upon the Ontario curriculum, occur twice a month with testing at the end of each month to ensure well-rounded body knowledge. SLA enriches our Physical Education program with the use of various local facilities and clubs in and around Prescott, such as: the Prescott Golf Club, the Leo Boivin Arena, the Prescott tennis Club, and the Prescott Curling Club. Competition in local Track and Field Meets, Cross Country Meets and team sports round out a very comprehensive program.

Intelligence and skill can only function at the peak of their capacity when the body is healthy and strong.”  

- John F. Kennedy 

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