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We are privileged to have a dedicated and exceptional group of volunteers who provide leadership and direction for The St. Lawrence Academy. The Board of Directors is responsible for overseeing the financial affairs of the school, policies and strategic direction.


Board members are appointed for their expertise, their alignment of values with the school and surrounding community, and a commitment to ensuring the school continues to demonstrate its mission and vision.The Board of Directors meets as a full Board at regularly scheduled meetings throughout the school year.


The members of The St. Lawrence Academy Board of Directors are:


Fraser Laschinger, Board Chair

Margaret Wicklum, Vice-Chair

Lisa Purvis , Secretary

Lynda Joanisse, Treasurer

Anne Barratt, Director

David Hooper, Director

Jason Desjardins, Director 

Aron Burke, Director

Kaleigh Duchene, Director

Sandra Nandoo, Head of Academics

Lynda Joanisse, Director (Head Of School)

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