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2023 - 7th Annual Jim MacNeil Cross Country Run 

After years of COVID restrictions, SLA was thrilled to be able to open the invitation to local schools to participate in our annual Fundraiser for cancer research in honour of former beloved teacher Jim MacNeil. With the help of Ange Gabriel from Brockville, we raised just over $600.00 in his memory. 

In Gym we have been training for Cross Country.  When the host put up the gun , my heart was racing. There were [people] along the race , they were encouraging us to run our best. I love Cross Country! 

Grace M. - Gr. 4

XCountry 2023.jpg


2023 - P.A. Fall Fun Day at the RedBlacks

FB 1.jpg

The SLA Parent Association plans to organize events all year for families to get to know each other better and have fun! 

Our first outing was this September at the Redblacks game.  We were fortunate to be in attendance on Orange Shirt Day! 


September 2023 - Kick off the year with the Spencerville Fair! 

CollageMaker_202398135251682 (1).jpg

On Friday, September 8th, we went to the Spencerville Fair.  When we arrived at Spencerville, I got off the bus and walked in with my group.  Then we went to the Barn of Learning and looked around.  I saw lots of art work with unique styles.  I saw corn and games. After we played the games, we went rock climbing! When it was my turn, I put on a harness and climbed to the very top! You let go and go down very slowly. Then we saw a juggler that stood on three tables on top of each other other balancing while juggling three sharp knives. I smelled lots of good food that made me hungry. At 12:00 our school gathered and ate lunch while watching the fire guy show and at the end of the show - he ate fire! I thought it was very funny. Then we hopped on the bus and went back to school.

                                       - Jacob W. - Gr. 3

October 2023 - Kayaking on the Beautiful St. Lawrence!
Kayaking 23.jpg

Grades 1 through 8 braved the cool waters of the St. Lawrence to explore and learn to kayak.  A BIG THANKS to SLA parent Mark Fournier for the instruction and equipment. What an experience! 


October 2023 - A Trip to Brockville's Aquatarium! 
Aq 2.jpg
Aquatarium 2023.jpg

We went to the Aquatarium on Friday, October 20th 2023.  Frist, we did a little bit of free time when the Gr. 3's and 4's did their presentation on rocks. We went to the magic sand first.  We did a few more things like the touch tank before our presentation.  My favorite parts were were the row boats, the pirate ship, the sand and the people feeding the otters.  Feeding the otters was so interesting! They had a whistle and some smelt.  The sand was also 

pretty cool. There was a projector and if you dug deep, it would turn blue and if you made a hill it would turn green! There was also animals and seaweed. I learned about animal classification. I also learned that hermit crabs do not pinch - they just tickle. - Jamie O. Gr. 2

BF 23.jpg

SLA's Book Fair was a smashing success again this year.  SLA teachers wish to thank our parents and community for supporting this initiative as we gained valuable scholastic points to put towards our classroom libraries.  Thank you! 

BF 23 2.jpg

SLA Fall Open House and Scholastic Book Fair

Hands-On Math

Mrs. Nandoo, our Head of Academics and Math Specialist for grades 3 to 8 works with students through STEM activities to give tangible examples of concepts learned in class.  Students complete work in all 5 strands and are proficient in skip counting with her original skip-counting songs.  Foundation is key! 

Giving Back In Tangible Ways

SLA was given the opportunity to support local mission: The Outpost Cafe in their Clothing and food bank drive.  Organized by the Cafe, SLA students in Grade 3 to 8 helped to sort, organize and prepare the Leo Boivin centre with the outstanding amount of clothing donations provided by the community.  Creating an authentic shopping-like experience and respecting those in need by showing care to the presentation, students were in awe at the generosity of our community from the pop up hair salon offering free cuts to the sheer volume of quality clothing, food and accessories donated. What a wonderful community we live in! 

Prescott Parade P.A. Hot Chocolate

Welcoming back tradition was our Parent Association who participated in the Prescott Parade by offering hot chocolate and yummy treats!  SLA families weathered the rainy weather to provide comfort and friendly smiles to the hundreds in attendance. Prescott charities and businesses wowed us again with their beautiful floats and music.  What a gift to be able to do this again! 

2023 Christmas Musical and Mission

SLA prepares and performs a Christmas Musical every year and this year was no different.  Partnering this year with the Kinsmen, SLA parents and families donated to the Giving Tree and even had a chance to participate in the sorting and preparing of Christmas boxes for the needy families in our area.  Our Christmas Musical this year, "Wrapping All The Way" was extra fun and festive but really hit home the theme of celebrating the reason for the season without all of the flash and flourish.  We are so excited to share the Good News of Jesus's birth.  Thank you Board Member Rev David Hooper for closing 2023 out in prayer.  We give all of the glory to God!  

Cards for those without family

What a neat idea!  SLA students from K to 8 created Christmas cards for our local retirement communities to bring a little light to those who did not have family or friends this Christmas season.  Bringing an extra level of joy, students also visited the homes to sing their musical songs and Christmas carols.  We hope we brought real joy to all! 

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