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What People Are Saying About Us

I am thankful that we made the decision to move our son to SLA!! He wakes up in the morning and cannot wait to go to school!! It is definitely a special place! - R.B. SLA Parent, 5 years

R.B. SLA Parent, 5 years

After working in Asia as a teacher, I witnessed first hand what young learners are capable of achieving when they are challenged, encouraged and supported. SLA understands this and also knows that many children can go above and beyond the expectations set aside in the Ontario curriculum. The entire staff is comprised of kind, caring and compassionate people who have dedicated their careers to ensuring our children become well-rounded individuals.

J.I. SLA Parent, 3 years

I was thrilled to see how easily my son transitioned into SLA! I cannot express enough how sincere and devoted the staff are to helping each child succeed. Staff genuinely take an interest in the student's day and their achievements.

M.P. SLA Parent, 6 years

SLA's extended French and Arts programs give a place for the whole child to develop!

SLA Parent

You can learn what you need from a book, but you can learn how to

learn at SLA!

N.A. SLA Parent

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A mighty school that gives to the community, encourages each child academically, and teaches us all to be kind, generous and compassionate. What a gift!

Former Homeschooling Parent

SLA offers feedback for my child's academic progress with quantified results. This is truly unique!

V.G SLA Parent

In today's stormy educational landscape, SLA is a solid lighthouse providing a steady, constant and guiding light based on Christian principles.

SLA Parent

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