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The big city is many people's dream. They are enchanted by the brights lights and of the idea of infinite opportunities. However, as the years progress and larger cities become overcrowded and crime rates increase, the benefits of studying and living in small towns and cities become clear. Here are just a few of the benefits of studying and living in Prescott and Merrickville.

  • Small city = much safer than larger cities in Canada. Drug and gun violence continues to increase in the major cities in Canada, whereas small cities are much less affected. The Upper Canada region is one of the safest areas in all of Canada.
  • Cost of living is much lower in small cities
  • Fewer distractions for students so that they can concentrate more on studies
  • Greater sense of community and community involvement. Students know and interact with community members in both Prescott and Merrickville
  • Monthly supervised visits to surrounding cities including: Ottawa, Montreal, Kingston and Toronto
  • Tours of secondary schools in Ottawa and surrounding areas take place with the SLA students in grade 7 and 8 each year
  • RILO campus is within walking distance of the village core where students can visits shops and restaurants
  • Greater access to outdoor activities (hiking, green spaces, water etc) compared to living in a big city
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