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Language K-8 (English)

SLA students are goal driven

The English language studies program includes elements of grammar study, writing practice, spelling, reading and an oral component for all of our students from K-8. SLA utilizes the Language Power program to build grammatical knowledge and expertise. Every student from grade 1 to 8 learn the stages of writing a five-paragraph essay and present their finished written work orally in both local and regional essay, poetry, and speech competitions throughout the year. Spelling, practiced through weekly word lists, is tested at an annual school-wide Spelling Bee with high-achieving students given the opportunity to compete in Canada’s provincial than nation-wide Spelling Bee competition. Novel studies and book reports are also a regular part of SLA’s highly academic curriculum. ESL support by a trained and certified ESL teacher is offered daily to build upon and offer remedial for international students.

The Kindergarten program (Pre-K to SK) uses the Learning Without Tears method for language focussing on the development of a students fie motor skills and diagraph knowledge.

Language is to the mind more than light is to the eye.

- William Gibson