St. Lawrence Academy

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Student, Teacher and Parent Testimonials

I was thrilled to see how easily my son transitioned to St. Lawrence Academy! I cannot express enough how sincere and devoted the staff are to helping each child succeed. Each staff member genuinely takes an interest in the students day and their achievements                          

The P. Family

I always thought that private school was only for the very wealthy, but thanks to the Apple Financial program, SLA based my tuition on my family income and made education excellence affordable!  The adjustments and prioritizing was worth it, now my girls benefit from small class sizes, an unbelievable Arts and Music program and are making lifelong friends!It has changed our lives!

- The J. Family

I am so glad that my son is fitting in and enjoying school again! I can't tell you how happy I am that he was as eager as I was to switch him, and I was amazed to see how smooth the transition was.                                         

- M.P.

I am so excited for my girls to start school, and you'll never guess! They're excited too!

- L.J.

I have been a private music instructor at SLA since 2008. I believe the teachers, students and parents have created a warm and respectful sense of community. I think there is something special going on at SLA. I think they’re making better people, if that is alright to say. I know that being part of the SLA community has helped me be a better person.

- Specials Guitar Teacher

" Classes are smaller and our son gets the attention he needs while learning!  Above all, our son is beginning to feel more confident about himself and as a parent, seeing this makes it all worthwhile ."

- The S. Family


"The children are friends with children across all the grades which helps in their social development.  We would recommend the school to anybody and are thankful that SLA is available to educate our child.

- The W. Family

"SLA is a place where our son is motivated to reach his full potential and is encouraged to learn new things, where his desire to learn is propelled through a thoughtful, well-rounded curriculum.  We are impressed with the strong academic focus as well as the values-centered program the school offers.  The teachers love what they do and know how to bring out the best in their students.  'You can learn what you need to know from a book, but you learn how to learn from SLA" .

- The A. Family

"In 2011, my eldest son was struggling to focus, fit in and stay out of trouble at Public School.  He was formally diagnosed with ADHD later that year.  Unfortunately,  once labeled in the school setting... things got even worse.  At that time, I chose to move him from that environment and immediately checked out all of the private schools within a 75km radius.  SLA was the best fit by far.  The change has been FANTASTIC and I have since moved all 3 of my children to the Academy" .

- R.B.

I am thankful that we made the decision to move our son to SLA!! He wakes up in the morning and cannot wait to go to school!! It is definitely a special place!