The St. Lawrence Academy

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A Celebration of our Achievements
Awards & Accolades 

Science Awards


Kayleigh Ng “Bristle Busters”

Represented SLA in the Canada-Wide Science Fair, Winnipeg Manitoba


Alaina Ng “Phast Phalanges”

• Junior Discovery Award

• Gold Medal in the Junior Division

Christian Au “Hit Me with Your Best Shot”

• Bronze medal in the Intermediate Division


Anastasia Joanisse “Colour Psychology”

• 1st – Junior Psychology

• Overall Psychology Award

• Documentation Award

• 2nd in Junior Division

• Health & Wellness Award

• 3rd Best in Show

• Chosen to Represent the St. Lawrence Seaway

at the Canada-wide Science Fair Competition in

Montreal Quebec


Madeleine Joanisse “Apple Cider Vinegar - The New Pink Pill”

• 3rd Place Junior Life Science Anastasia Joanisse “Allergy Alert”

• 1st Place Junior Life Science

• Overall Junior Biology Award

• Documentation Award

Austin Miller “Speed Track”

• 2nd Place Junior Energy

Xavier Schwabe “Lime Time”

• 2nd Place Junior Physical Science Award

Luke Taylor “Music Study”

• 1st Place Junior Psychology Award


Madeleine (and Anastasia) Joanisse 

1st Place - Information Award 

Ronan Brophy 

3rd Place - Junior Discovery 

Arts and Language

Remembrance Day Poster/Essay/Poetry Contest

2014 – 9 awards, 2 students compete provincially

2015 – 3 students continue to zone, 2 continue on to compete provincially

2016 – 4 students move on to zone

2017 – 6 students move on to zone competition 

2018 - 11 awards, 1 student moves on to zone competition 

Legion and Rotary Club Speech/Essay Competitions


• Zack B. 2nd Place Junior

• Riley S. 3rd Place Primary


• Primary - Elizabeth M. 2nd Place Primary, Sam E.

3rd Place

• Junior - Anastasia J. 1st Place, Madeleine J. 2nd

Place, Finnian B. 3rd Place

• Intermediate - Gabrielle A. 2nd Place


• Primary – Ben M. 1st Place locally, 2nd Place at


• Junior – Elizabeth M. 1st Place locally, 1st place

at zone

• Intermediate – Anastasia J. 1st Place locally, 2nd

place at zone, Emma H. 2nd Place, Finnian B. 3rd


1st and 2nd Place in Rotary Club EssayCompetitions


• Junior – Elizabeth M. 1st Place, Ben M. 2nd Place

• Intermediate – 1st Place – Madeleine J.

Spelling Bee Competition

2014 – SLA students compete to the 5th round

2015 – SLA students compete to the 6th round in Junior and win 1st place in Intermediate

2016 – 1st Place Junior Division

Lions Festival Music Competition

2015 – 4 golds in choral, 90% percussion, Lions Shield and star festival performance

2016 – 4 golds in choral and ensemble, 1 silver – primary choir

2017 – Lions Shield

Community Awards

2018 -  Madeleine Joanisse

High achievement always takes place in the framework of high expectations.

- Charles Kettering