St. Lawrence Academy

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Our Philosophy

           SLA - Where the confident smiles of our students radiate an energy and enthusiasm for learning  and for life.  Christian principles and the Ontario Curriculum are our foundations as we strive for excellence in Academics, the Arts, Athletics, and community outreach, providing a richly balanced education for your child.
             From Junior Kindergarten to grade 8, our small class sizes provide a safe and nurturing environment which engages and inspires our students to grow mind, body and soul.
           SLA's dynamic and dedicated faculty love the Lord, love to teach and love to learn, taking pride in leading our students to new heights of academic and personal  achievement. From award winning Science Fair discoveries to whole-hearted Music Festival performances. Artistic exploration, Math competency and fun on the curling rink, at the waterfront and on the golf course,  our team and individual successes brings us a sense of pride and accomplishment with a concentration on balance in all facets of life.

              It is our goal at SLA to provide Learning that Lasts a Lifetime!

Meet our SLA Staff

Our staff are qualified OCT registered teachers who have made it their mission to provide a happy, healthy and enriching learning environment which goes beyond Ontario Curriculum Standards.  

What Makes Us Different at SLA

 We believe that it is important to exemplify Christ while promoting an enriching and challenging educational program. We do this through a coherent and appropriately integrated JK-8 curriculum, which we continuously examine, renew and refresh.

Our Mission
Our Mission is to inspire learning and to develop the intellectual, creative, spiritual and physical potential of every child. Through solid Christian principles, we seek to develop caring, accepting and respectful 
young people who will aspire to become responsible, humble, and self-motivated  global citizens. 

Our small class sizes promote an optimal learning environment and our family-like atmosphere nurtures the creativity and imagination of our students. Through our innovative and dynamic Arts programming, natural mentoring and leadership opportunities and overall higher expectations, SLA promotes healthy bodies & healthy minds. Leadership, character building and spiritual nurturing encompasses, compliments and respects diversity.

Along with our highly acclaimed Arts programming, Physical Education is also a vital  part of our curriculum as we offer Physical Education programming 5 days a week as well as take advantage of the many opportunities found locally here in Prescott.  Skating, curling, golf, watersports and tennis are all available to us just steps away! 

A Message from our Administrator

           As a parent, I have always taken personal responsibility for my children’s education. Homeschooling my girls for the first 5 years of their instruction; I worked hard to ensure that their experience was focused on establishing the building blocks of knowledge, that they were surrounded by other children who represented a wide age range and aptitude, and that I worked as a team player with other parents to ensure that our children’s education included a well-rounded and full curriculum. The Christian foundation and multi-grade level system at St. Lawrence Academy is what drew me when it came time to look for an alternative. As an educator, I see SLA as providing the most balanced system available today. When it comes to preparing children for real life; a multi-grade level class which encourages students to work within a group setting where abilities vary and ages converge, most practically mirrors the work world students must transfer into upon graduation. St. Lawrence Academy’s inclusive focus and family atmosphere is one of its strongest assets.

         Every child has their niche and strength. Our responsibility at SLA is to find that strength, aid in its growth, and build upon it.  All children can know success.

          My overall goal as an educator is to help students grow academically, morally, spiritually and socially. My personal Christian faith colours my every move and action. St. Lawrence Academy’s high academic standards, strong Christian base and family atmosphere offers a chance to grow in all three aspects like no other local educational facility. It is an honour and a privilege to use my strengths and passions for the furtherance of the school’s mission to  "build up the leader’s of tomorrow".


Lynda Joanisse

Director, Head of School