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Payments are Easy with GlobalPay!

We have made paying tuition and other fees very easy for our international students. St. Lawrence Academy has partnered with Western Union GlobalPay for Students to allow our families to make payment of their education costs online, on time, and in their own currency.

GlobalPay for Students relieves a number of issues related to international tuition payments: currency fluctuations, receiving bank fees, and lost and short funds. This system allows students to fix their exchange rate in advance and eliminate receiving banking fees, so they know exactly how much money will arrive. 

  • Pay in your home currency online
  • No transaction charges from us or our payments provider
  • Favourable exchange rates compared to banks
  • Reduced service fees because transfer is local
  • Payments post in two-five business days after transfer                                      This service is available in multiple languages. It is also available for use by family members and others making international payments on behalf of students.