St. Lawrence Academy

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SLA International Students

Program starting September 2018
Tuition $16,000.00/year ($12,430.00 US)
Physical Education Fees $65.00 ($50.61 US)
School Supplies Fees $125.00 ($97.32 US)
Uniform Costs $265.00 - $400.00 ($200.00-$350.00)
Paid in one Lump Sum or by semester (Aug 1, Dec 1 and April 1) 

The St. Lawrence Academy is excited to announce a new partnership with RILO, Rideau International Language Organization starting in the 2018-19 school year. 

RILO, owned and operated by SLA's own Irwin-Leung family, provides a safe and family-style home base for international students while also offering ESL tutoring and support at home and at school. RILO is a fantastic boarding program that holds to SLA's philosophy and mission.

Through an intense academic screening process planned and implemented by SLA's Head Of Academics, Sandra Nandoo and Jessica Irwin, RILO program Director, five to eight new Grade 6,7 & 8 students who demonstrate English language proficiency will be chosen from numerous countries around the world to enhance St. Lawrence Academy's academic atmosphere and challenge the minds of current SLA students.

What an exciting way to broaden our cultural diversity and welcome children from around the world to experience the academic excellence available at SLA!